Guedry Cemetery Map Sections

Guedry Cemetery Sky View Map

Section 2 Section 1 Section 4 Section 3 Daniels 2 Daniels 1

This is stitch form of latest Google map of the cemetery as of March 24th 2010.

You will notice that some sections are click able when you point your mouse over the section names and some (section 5 and old section) are not click able. This is because at this moment, only the click able sections have been properly charted for electronic databases purposes and internet. The others will be available as time goes by.

For now, you will have an idea of section numbering, plot numbering and lot numbering, so when you search the database and find some lot and plot numbers, you will know exactly where to look.

In time, you will be led directly from the database to the plot (optional clicking) and then you can zoom out the map to get better idea of where the grave is located.

We hope you will find this map useful.