Plots & Donations

Batson Guedry Cemetery is a perpetual care cemetery. Those wishing to have a plot, give a minimum fixed amount of donation per plot and the donations collected by allocation of the plots go towards the perpetual care fund.

Perpetual care funds help in covering cost of cemetery up keeping and maintenance. For this reason, those who make donations to reserve or acquire the plots only give a one time donation towards the plot. Though there is no restriction in giving more donations to the cemetery if one wishes to.

The donor can select and reserve any open, un used and un reserved plot by making the minimum donation price. The minimum donation price is uniform through out the cemetery, irrespective of location in the sections of the cemetery open for use.

Plots are given on first come first serve basis.

The minimum donation price per plot is currently set at US$450.00 available to any one interested in the plots for burial purposes and willing to pay the minimum set donation price per plot.

The cemetery has it’s terms and conditions as to what can and what cannot be done with the plots, on the plots and around the plots.

Dimensions of each plot is 4’x10′ (four feet by ten feet)

The cemetery has quite a large amount of land on either side of Batson Prairie Road. However for inventory purposes only the plots on the North East are open for use.

Currently the sections open for use are:

  • Daniels Section 2: Directly behind the church.
  • Daniels Section 1: North of Old Section (actually adjoining the Old Section), starting parallel with the little white building which is on the old section.
  • Old Section: Starting just after the drive way right of the church all the way back (East wards) to the fence.
  • Section 1: Directly in front of (West of) Old Section.
  • Section 2: Directly in front of Section 1.
  • Section 3: Directly in front of Section 2 (section immediately to the left of the Batson Prairie Road as one enters from the North).
  • Section 4: Directly in front of the church and to the north of Section 1.