Thanks & Credits

Very special thanks this time to Charlotte Enloe who after several months of toiling in the sun, wind and rain, kneeling on various cemetery plots, reading each individual monument in the thousands, walking back and forth between the office and cemetery and around the cemetery with umpteen sheets of cemetery database printouts and reference to various sources has single handedly brought the cemetery database up to date.

Many thanks to Deanna Enloe for helping me (the webmaster) understand the way the cemetery is mapped to be able to create this database and also for her support and understanding of my ignorance in the cemetery world when I was a beginner.

Special thanks also to all the volunteers who have sent me your offer to help. I am formulating procedures to make it easy for every one to help and soon as the procedures are in place, I will send you an email – thanks.

The webmaster and cemetery personnel are working to bringing you the very best from Batson, TX.